Working Hard on Abuse Book

downcastEmotional fatigue is having its way with me as I’ve been working on my non-fiction abuse book. I’m recalling—not for the first time—upsetting experiences and the people who had no qualms about trying to make my life more miserable than what it was, whether their hurtful intentions were deliberate or accidental.

Fork and measuring tapeIt doesn’t help that I’m dieting and can’t resort to old coping methods like stuffing my feelings with delicious desserts or hot foods smothered in melted cheese.

I’m currently working on chapters describing betrayals by my entire family—not just the brother who molested me but by my parents and other siblings, painful abusive relationships, and recounting times of feeling flawed and scarred because of all the detrimental effects abuse left me with. I find myself wanting to keep my reactions at bay but know this is counter-intuitive to my continued life-long healing journey, as well as for the basis of my book.

If anything, I’m hungry to get the book finished to help others who are coping with the effects of abuse and that goal is what has been keeping me on task. If you know someone who is on a healing journey from sexual or physical abuse and think they’d be interested in Cinnamon Rollmy forthcoming work, The Long Term Effects of Sexual Abuse, please spread the word and ask them to follow this blog so that I can let them know when the book is published.

I think this manuscript will help them as well as myself, as completing it will ease the pressure each time I’m faced with a carb and calorie laden temptation. Thank you!


About Carole Avila

Carole Avila is an award winning author in short fiction, memoirs, and poetry. Eve's Amulet, Book 1 and Death House are both published by Black Opal Books. Her non-fiction work, The Long Term Effects of Sexual Abuse, is under contract. When Carole isn't writing, she loves reading, walking, visiting her daughters and grandsons, and enjoys a hot cup of chai tea with a spot of cream.
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